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Gastros InductWarm Tabletop 200 series - Signature FSE    1. Practicality
Gastros Switzerland AG buffet induction hobs have been designed to save time: unlike with the traditional buffet display, chefs and caterers don’t need to handle gel fuel or bain marie and clean the chafing dishes after service. The InductWarm® induction technology won’t heat the room and will reduce the risk of getting burnt. Thanks to the remote control or touch control panel, it is very quick and easy to select one of four different temperature levels for each of the warming zones, ensuring the perfect temperature for each dish. The Gastros InductWarm® is compatible with any dish adapted for induction.

    2. Design - The InductWarm® induction hobs, with their brushed stainless steel and glass top, have a very smart and clean design meaning they will easily fit with any stylish restaurant or venue. The touch control panel is fully integrated as part of the hob unlike induction hobs designed for use in the kitchen.

    3. Energy savingThanks to the induction technology, the InductWarm® induction hobs have very low energy requirements.  The InductWarm® Tabletop 200 series has three zones which are independently controlled with only 1KW total power supply required, therefore reducing significantly your operational energy costs. The warming zones switch off automatically when a dish is removed from the tabletop and reactivate at the same temperature when put back again.




Gastros InductWarm 130 undercounter - Stone counterThe new InductWarm® 130 Undercounter by Gastros is an induction system that can be placed under a stone, glass or wood counter allowing operators to hold food at four different temperature levels.

The Gastros InductWarm® technology heats the dish and not the counter surface. Any induction-safe dish can be used on it.

It is multifunctional as it can be used as a buffet, a banquet or a conference table. It is also easy to clean thanks to its flush mount integration.

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Watch this video presenting InductWarm® undercounters by Gastros:


The Inductwarm® wooden tables have invisible induction technology allowing for induction compatible dishes (such as InductWarm® porcelain dishes) to be used for presentation, which hold the temperature without deteriorating the food.

Gastros InductWarm® tables can be used as additional tabling when the induction technology is not in use, therefore providing multiple uses. Inductwarm® tables only require standard 13amp power supply and maintain the food temperature without drying out which reduces food waste.

Inductwarm® porcelain and induction-compatible dishes can be used on the GN 1/2 warming zones available.

Gastros Switzerland AG InductWarm wooden tables    Gastros Switzerland AG InductWarm wooden tables  

Hotelympia Innovation Awards finalist
Signature was finalist for Hotelympia 2016's Innovation Awards with Gastros' Inductwarm® tables.

Stirling Johnstone said about the Gastros Inductwarm tables:

"The panel were truly impressed by the Signature FSE Inductwarm
® table concept. Not just for the style, quality and versatility of the product but also by the immense passion and knowledge of its presenter, Paula Sherlock. Here's a company who have created a new and innovative product that is so attractive compared to its competition that it will appeal equally to interior designers as it does to caterers and F&B managers".

Gastros room service tablesINDUCTWARM® ROOM SERVICE TABLES

Thanks to Gastros' new room service tables and their battery powered induction devices, it is now possible to carry food across a venue and keep it warm for up to one hour. 

The table's bi-fold leaves can be folded up to make it even easier to transport and store. The top and the frame are available in different colours and types of wood.

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The InductWarm® Tabletop 200 is made of a compact stainless steel frame and an embedded black glass-ceramic top. It has three separate warming zones with a size of GN 1/3 each but can also accommodate a GN 1/2 or GN 1/1 dish. The tabletop induction hob can be controlled via the integrated digital touch panel or a remote control, and has a very modern look perfect for front of house operations.

‚ÄčGastros InductWarm Tabletop 200 series with InductWarm porcelain pot and bowl - Signature FSE  Gastros InductWarm Tabletop 200 series with Gastros InductWarm porcelain bowls - Signature FSE   Gastros InductWarm Tabletop 200 series touch digital panel - Signature FSE

Gastros InductWarm Built-in 100 with InductWarm porcelain bowls - Signature FSE
The InductWarm® Built-In 100 has two standard sizes (GN 1/1 and GN 1/2) but can also be built into all table sizes of various shapes and materials. 
You can therefore customise and design your buffet area as you wish. Using the remote control, you can conveniently select one of four different temperature levels for each of the InductWarm® zones, guaranteeing the right temperature for any of your dishes. The excellent energy efficiency enables you to use up to two built-in solutions GN 1/1 and operate them from a single 230V power outlet.


The InductWarm® range offers gastronorm porcelain dishes, available as GN 1/1, 1/2 or 1/3, and pots for sauces, perfectly adapted to work on Gastros buffet induction hobs. To make this porcelain compatible with induction, a patented coating is applied on the underside of the bowls before adding a glaze and firing the dish in the oven for a second time. This process binds the porcelain and coating together permanently making it very hard and therefore shatter-proof, and dishwasher safe. The dishes will also retain heat very well. 

Gastros InductWarm porcelain bowls - Signature FSE   Gastros InductWarm porcelain bowls - Signature FSE

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