Pinti Inox is the leading Italian manufacturer of stainless steel cutlery, presentation  Pinti Inox logoand buffet equipment. 

  1. Wide choice Pinti Inox offers a wide variety of cutlery ranges in classic and contemporary designs so that professional chefs and/or restaurant owners can find the cutlery pattern that matches their restaurant’s style.

   2. Different grades of cutleryPinti Inox cutlery is divided into three categories, depending on their manufacture:Pinti Inox - Trumpet cutlery

  • ​18% Chrome is the entry-level category and is made of high-quality stainless steel and is ideal for everyday tableware. Dishwasher safe.
  • 18/10 stainless steel, made of 18% chrome with an added 10% nickel offers ease of care, high level of hygiene and is rust and stain resistant, while maintaining a shiny appearance. 18/10 cutlery should feel well-balanced and solid when being held in the hand. Dishwasher safe.
  • Silver plated: this is a classic style, ideal for a traditional fine-dining restaurant. The basic material is stainless steel 18/10 to which a 10-micron layer of silver is applied by galvanisation. The parts most exposed to wear, such as the tips and resting points are given a double layer to guarantee long-lasting plating. 30-micron silver plated cutlery can be created upon request.
   3. Buffet The Pinti Inox buffet range is ideal for modern restaurants and hotel breakfast rooms thanks to its modern presentation and its highly resistant white laquer or wenge finish that will enhance any room.



Palladium cutlery /Mystique collection by Pinti Inox- Mystique

Mystique is a range of sandblasted stainless steel cutlery.
The sandblasting process gives the cutlery an elegant and modern matt finishing which doesn’t show finger marks, saving time polishing - a serious advantage in a busy restaurant environment.
Thanks to a deep sandblasting process, every item is resistant to shock and abrasion therefore perfectly suitable for food service and works perfectly alongside the latest trends in dinnerware.

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TxT StoneWashed cutlery by Pinti Inox- TxT StoneWashed 

The new TxT collection is part of the StoneWashed range. Its uniqueness lies in the laser decorations applied on the stonewashed cutlery, giving an unusual and sophisticated style on a restaurant table.

It is available on three patterns: Casali, Palace and Settecento.

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Treasure collection in gold by Pinti Inox Treasure 
A unique technique allows Pinti Inox to obtain different colours without altering the polished steel of the cutlery, while maintining a strong resistance and hardness.

Colours available are gold, bronze and titanium for a strong design statement on a restaurant table.

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- Alchimique: metal-coloured stone washed cutlery 

Baguette cutlery in bronze PVD stone washed by Pinti Inox

This line is an extension of the Stone Washed collection as it goes a step further by adding a PVD coating to the stone washed cutlery giving it a metal colour such as bronze, titanium and gold.

The PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating plus stone washing makes the finish non-uniform and therefore each piece is unique. 

The main collection includes Vittoriale, Baguette, Settecento, Palace and Casali. Any other pattern from the Pinti Inox main cutlery range can also have the stone washed finish, upon request. 

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- Infinito
Infinito cutlery collection by Pinti Inox
The line Infinito is made of forged 18-0 stainless steel and was designed with attractive curved lines including 15 items which are balanced and ergonomic.

Infinito fork by Pinti Inox   

Pinti Inox Casali stone washed cutlery- Stone Washed Collection
This collection is an assortment of cutlery patterns which has been stone washed to create a vintage effect on the stainless steel. It is aimed at restaurants, hotels and caterers willing to create a retro atmosphere when laying their tables. 

The main collection includes Vittoriale, Baguette, Settecento, Palace and Casali and new additions: Leonardo and Stresa. Any other pattern from the Pinti Inox main cutlery range can also have the stone washed finish, upon request.

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Pinti Inox Swing cutlery patternSwing (18/10 – 3mm)

The soft curvy lines of the Swing model will work perfectly well with simple and round porcelain.

Pinti Inox Sirio cutlery pattern- Sirio (18/10 – 2.5mm)

The Sirio cutlery set is a good value-for-money choice with a traditional design.

Pinti Inox cutlery Olivia pattern
- Olivia (18/10 – 3mm) 

The Olivia cutlery is popular thanks to its very long and slim lines which will work with modern and delicate tableware.


This line has been specifically designed for breakfast and is made with strong material; the bases and frames are made of coated wood which are scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and stain-proof. Each item can be used at ambient temperature or chilled with special gel packs. The Compact buffet is great to optimise space as some of the trays can be hidden under the main central tray once the breakfast service is over. 

Pinti Inox - Compact buffet

Side trays can slide away when not in use, to save space:
Pinti Inox - Compact buffet        Pinti Inox - Compact buffet


The Pinti Inox buffet line will offer all the options required for elegant, efficient and hygienic food presentation. The chafing dishes will keep food at an optimum temperature while cooling options are available with gel packs or ice, depending on preference. The buffet is available in white or wenge colours.

Pinti Inox buffet   Pinti Inox buffet

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