Venta logoThe Venta products are stylish induction buffet tables.


Venta buffet induction tables
    1. FunctionalityVenta buffet tables are ideal for restaurants and hotels in need of functional buffet display equipment as they are available in various sizes, each element is easy to plug in, and, after use, the tabletop is removeable so the frame can be folded for minimum space usage.

    2. FlexibilityThe Induction Venta line offers various layouts, depending on the food to be displayed and their heating requirements. If using a three-point induction table, each point can have a different temperature while the multiple-point table will allow users to create very specific zones of heating across the table. On the other hand, the cooling table will only require the insertion of a ‘Cool-Plate’ below the table surface to provide cooling.

    3. DesignAnother appeal to the Venta tables is their minimalistic and discreet design, which are very modern and subtle in any hotel or restaurant room.  All the elements join this design philosophy, such as the extendible remote control ‘hidden’ at each point’s level. Exists in black or champagne/white.

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This table keeps the food warm  (this is not a cooking device) and each zone can accept multiple dishes and the temperature of each zone can be different to the ones next to it.

Venta multi-point 

Cool + Hot

This table combines hot and cold zones.
Venta cool and hot buffet   Venta - cool + hot buffet table


This table keeps the food cool thanks to a ‘Cool-Plate’ (special freezer pack), very easy and quick to insert, therefore no electricity is required.

Venta cool biffet  Venta - cool buffet table

 Type of system  Function
 Multi-point induction  Keeps food warm and each zone can accept multiple dishes, each of the  four zones has separate temperature control
 Cold and hot  Combines both cold and hot technology -5°C /+140°C
 in one table
 Cool  Keeps food cool thanks to special compact plates (freezable), so no  need for electricity

- Low-energy requirements: only need 230V power supply for induction technology
- Extensive choice of colours and finishes available
Catering Equipment of the Year 2014 (Catering Insight)
Highly commended in Top 10 Star Product Awards at Hospitality Show 2015

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- STYLISH FURNITUREVenta cocktail table
Venta high-quality buffet furniture includes exclusive cocktail tables and stylish buffet tables as well as matching modern stools. Most Venta furniture can be folded up or stacked together to save space, and can be assembled and disassembled in just a few easy steps, without the need for any tools. All buffet furniture is mobile and can be used anywhere.

It meets the high demands of hotel, events and the catering industry in every respect.

Venta tables  

Venta cocktail tables and chairs

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