De Buyer and Signature FSE sponsor Claire Clark Academy

Posted on Jul 20, 2017


French brand de Buyer, manufacturer of pastry utensils and cookware, is a proud sponsor of the new Claire Clark Academy, a dedicated pastry school that opened on 18th May at Milton Keynes College. De Buyer equipped all the cooking stations with a selection of pastry equipment from silicone moulds, perforated pastry rings, whisks, pastry mats and trays to some of their best cookware.

Signature FSE, which supports de Buyer in the UK and is also a sponsor of the Claire Clark Academy, was involved from the start and is glad to see the first results of this partnership: “Claire Clark Academy will certainly inspire and train the future great British pastry chefs, that’s why we are thrilled that de Buyer and ourselves are involved in this initiative. Students, professional chefs and home bakers all deserve to learn and improve their skills using the best pastry and cooking equipment available on the market”, said Paula Sherlock, Managing Director of Signature FSE.

Claire Clark is realising a lifelong dream with the opening of the Claire Clark Academy; centre of patisserie excellence. Claire has always believed passionately in nurturing the next generation of pastry chefs in the UK.


There is no surprise in de Buyer being involved with renowned chef Claire Clark as they partnered during last Hotelympia when Claire Clark created a selection of patisserie creations using the unique de Buyer’s perforated pastry rings to be displayed at the show daily.

De Buyer’s involvement in the British pastry world doesn’t stop there as it is also a corporate sponsor of the Association of Pastry Chefs whose 200 members include some of the best pastry chefs in the country.

The French brand is really proud to be involved in this unique project as it is part of their core vision to create pastry utensils that are made of the best material and are long-lasting for busy kitchen environments. De Buyer also believes that young chefs learning their skills should understand how the equipment they use affects the quality of their work: using high-quality pastry utensils will enhance their understanding of the cooking process as well as the final results.

De Buyer is constantly innovating in the design of their equipment to improve and facilitate pastry chefs’ working environment. A clear example is the brand’s range of perforated pastry rings that allow a regular cooking for a crusty and browned pastry or for fast freezing and the various shapes available give pastry chefs an opportunity for creativity in their pastry work.


The Claire Clark Academy has already recruited the skills, expertise and shared passion of other celebrated chefs such as Will Torrent, Barry Johnson, Mark Tilling, William Curley, Graham Hornigold, Samantha Rain, Helen Vass, Matt Owens, Makiko Searle, Benoit Blin, Juliet Sear, Mike Zietek, Liam Grimes and the military team from BBC2 Crème de la Creme, Joanne Todd, Michelle Gillot, Ann Brown, James Campbell, Nelson Barros and Brooksy. These acclaimed chefs, will all be making appearances - to deliver specific workshops both to the students and across the public and professional programme.

The Claire Clark Academy is opened now for part day, one day, evening and weekend courses for home bakers and professionals and will start its full-time programme for Milton Keynes College students in September 2017. As Claire Clark herself stated: “Students will leave the college, not only with their professional qualification - but with the added accreditation from the Claire Clark Academy; something that we are working hard to ensure is highly recognised and respected, with chefs understanding the skills that the students will have acquired to achieve this.

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