Signature Live Cooking Event - demo at the Grosvenor House hotel

Posted on May 24, 2018

On 23rd-24th April, we organised a unique Live Cooking Event at the Grosvenor House hotel in London to showcase two of our brands: Clifton Food Range for sous-vide cooking and livecookintable® for front-of-house cooking.


We welcomed distributors, chefs, consultants, designers and caterers to our two-day event and introduced them to our brands. Each session involved a product demonstration by National Chef of the Year finalist David Davey-Smith from the Royal Air Force Worthy Down.

Our demo chef prepared two dishes for our guests: a main including sous-vide Dorset Cross BBQ Lamb Belly and lamb loin (cooked in advance in Clifton water baths and finished in a grill pan on the livecookintable® induction unit), served with peas and spring onion, artichoke puree and pickled walnut ketchup and lamb jus; the dessert consisted of sous-vide rhubarb, aerated crème anglaise, pecan and maple clusters, rhubarb and ginger drizzle cake and sous-vide poached orange segments.

The purpose of our event was to introduce our brands’ broad product ranges, explain their various uses and demonstrate their benefits to our customers.

The demonstation was successful in proving how the two brands work very well together in efficiently catering for many guests: the Clifton water baths are ideal to prepare food in advance, cooked to the perfect temperature while keeping all their flavours and texture, while the livecookintable® cooking furniture allows chefs to cook indoor safely with induction technology. collageSLCE3.jpg

The highlight of the livecookintable® was certainly the airwall, which extracts instantly, leaving the venue smoke and grease free. This will answer the requirement of many venues for a safe cooking environment.

The livecookintable® equipment allows a mise-en-place area and plating area, great for a smooth and quick service.

Clifton Food Range’s Sauce Bottlewarmer was also demonstrated and recommended by chef Davey-Smith as it allows keeping sauces warm and ready to use.

Clifton products displayed included the unstirred single-chamber water bath, stirred sous-vide baths as well as the popular Immersion Circulator unit, which comes with its own carry case.

A livecookintable® Professional 5 table was used for the demo as well as two induction elements and an airwall. Its modern design fitted perfectly well in the elegant décor of the Grosvenor House hotel.

We used the MEC2’s Augmented-Reality app to virtually visualise a livecookintable® cooking system in the room with elements chosen by the customer. This great tool is fantastic when planning equipment for a new or existing venue. collage-SLCE.jpg

Our guests casually interacted with our demo chef while he was cooking while the Signature and Clifton Food Range team advised them based on their professional requirements.

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