De Buyer equips Claire Clark Academy

Posted on Apr 19, 2021

De Buyer pastry utensils used in Claire Clark Academy

Location: Claire Clark Academy, Milton Keynes College

Product: de Buyer’s pastry utensils and cookware

Renowned pastry chef Claire Clark MBE (who previously worked at The Ritz, Claridges, Intercontinental and Westbury hotels) reached out to us while planning to open the first Centre of Patisserie Excellence in the UK, the Claire Clark Academy at Milton Keynes College.

The state-of-the-art pastry kitchen required the best light equipment and cookware. Claire Clark had already used de Buyer’s pastry equipment at Pretty Sweet (her high-end patisserie catering company) and had previously partnered with us [Signature and de Buyer] during Hotelympia 2016 to create stunning desserts with de Buyer’s innovative perforated tart rings.

Claire Clark approached de Buyer asking them to become the sponsor of Claire Clark Academy, which was a very obvious decision to make as they already sponsor the Association of Pastry Chefs and are a partner of the UK Pastry Team so it was a natural move for de Buyer.  The French brand believes that using their premium quality pastry utensils will enhance the students’ understanding of the cooking process as well as the final results.

Claire and her team made a selection of de Buyer’s pastry equipment they needed including:

as well as some of de Buyer’s best cookware to equip the cooking stations. 

The Centre of Patisserie Excellence is aimed at full-time college students and also professional chefs and homebakers. Speciality courses are offered by some of the best pastry chefs in the UK such as Barry Johnson, Mark Tilling, William Curley, Graham Hornigold, Helen Vass, Benoit Blin, etc…

In 2020, this is what Claire Clark says about de Buyer:

Why did we choose de Buyer for our kitchen utensils and cookware? Because it’s professional equipment. Everything at Claire Clark Academy is the best quality out there; it’s equipment that I use, and that the industry uses. I wanted the students to have the best, like in a professional kitchen.
De Buyer equipment is also hard-wearing, durable and long-lasting. Knowing that it is used every single day by students for now the 4th year, it is still in very good condition.
It was also important for me that they have their own equipment so they can work efficiently, making a dessert from start to finish. “ says Claire Clark."

Read the article published in November 2020 about the success of Claire Clark Academy and why de Buyer was the right choice to equip the school.

Team leader Andrea Ruff and Young Pastry Chef of the Year 2018 Holly Woodman at Claire Clark Academy using de Buyer's pastry equipment

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