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livecookintable® offers a variety of accessories.

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Additional information is available on the Accessories range below, you can view specifications, press related items, a gallery of images and videos as well downloadable documentation for this range. Simply use the tabs below to find the information you need and if there’s something specific you are looking for, please contact us.

Accessories Range Specification

livecookintable® accessories allow for carrying, protecting the equipment or simply for supplementing the system sets and cooking equipment:

  • Bags: a carry bag is available for each system set/table
  • Airwall case: a cargo case for the airwall allows it to be transported or moved in safety
  • Rain covers: a rain cover is available for each system set; ideal during an outdoor catering event
  • Cover: covers are available to protect the Multistation, Bar element, stool and storage or hand washing cubes
  • Trolleys: trolleys are recommended to carry multiple devices  
  • Chafing dish: available with or without heating element
  • Heat lamp: useful to keep a specific dish warm on a buffet. It includes a 250 Watt-infrared lamp. It is ready to plug in (230 V).

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