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by Venta

Venta designed a range of display furniture to complement its buffet tables: the BACKBAR and the RACK.

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Display Range Specification

To complement its range of buffet tables, Venta developed a range of display equipment:

  • BACKBAR: it was developed as a shelf for use behind the mobile bar, or as a supplement to the STAGE buffet tables. It is suitable for storing bottles, glasses and other utensils. The variable height adjustment of the shelves allows the shelf to be adjusted to all required sizes. The BACKBAR is equipped with castors and can therefore be easily moved around in the room; they can also be locked to stabilise the BACKBAR.

  • RACK: it is a perfect addition to the existing STAGE buffet system. If placed next to a Venta buffet table, the Rack is suitable to store plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery required for the buffet. The RACK has fixed shelves which are separated from each other by a central wall. On one side there is only one shelf in the middle, while on the other side are two fixed shelves. Depending on the required height of use, the operator selects the suitable side. The open sides can be hidden from the end users with Venta’s sideblinds. The shelf walls are equipped with magnets so that the sideblinds can be attached to them.

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Display range: Backbar & Rack

Presentation of the Backbar and Rack by Venta


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