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Posted on Jan 12, 2018

Signature FSE will exhibit all the brands from our portfolio at the next Hotelympia exhibition on 5th-8th March 2018 on stand 2020.


Following the new show’s plan, we will be part of the Professional Kitchen Show with a selection of our most innovative products in cooking, buffet presentation and light equipment:

VENTA - modular buffet system

-With German brand VENTA, we will exhibit for the first time in the UK the new ‘Bain-Marie Cool + Hot buffet table’, a very unique buffet system featuring a multi-functional well with two removable inlay panels which allows food to be kept cool or warm. Temperatures range from as low as -5°C up to +110°C, combined in one table, which runs very quietly and energy-efficiently. Winner of the ‘Foodservice Equipment of the Year 2017’ awarded by magazine Foodservice Equipment Journal.

-There is a new way of offering more customisation and flexibility to hotels and caterers thanks to the ‘Double Table system’, where you choose two different table-tops on one base frame. You can therefore combine two table-tops with different functionalities and finish together; for example: a Bain-Marie Cool + Hot plus an induction table-top. You can also combine 4 tables together to create a ‘Buffet island’, ideal to serve different types of food, hot or cold, in one space.

GASTROS SWITZERLAND– buffet induction hobs

-Another first in the UK, the InductPlate® by Gastros Switzerland: it is an inductive warmed stone surface made for heating up a stone or artificial stone surface from 40°C up to 90°C. This innovative technology allows food to be displayed directly onto the stone surface and keep it warm (eg. pizza slices, pastries, etc..), therefore removing the need for induction-compatible dishes.

-We will also present the InductWarm® 200 series, a table-top induction hob with six induction coils offering three separate warming zones with a size of GN 1/3 each but can also accommodate a GN 1/1. Users select the right temperature for each dish (controlled via a remote control or on a digital panel). The induction hob accepts any induction-compatible presentation dish including Gastros Induct’Warm.

LIVECOOKINTABLE® – modular & portable cooking furniture

-The new Multi Pot is a set of cooking elements to fit the livecookintable® induction system for front-of-house cooking including frying, pasta cooking and dim-sum steaming. The base of the Multi Pot has a GN 1/1 size and is positioned on the 2-zone induction hob. Further elements are added on top depending on the cooking method desired.

-We will introduce an innovative visualisation tool using augmented reality. The brand’s app helps visualising a livecookintable® system into any room or background. This is a great tool that will certainly help venues choose the right livecookintable® elements that suit their needs.

CLIFTON FOOD RANGE – sous-vide equipment

-Our British brand of sous-vide cooking equipment is launching a new Sauce Bottlewarmer with a larger capacity of 28 litres. It will be a great piece of equipment for large and busy kitchens in need to keep sauces warm for service.

-For kitchens where sous-vide cooking is a must, Clifton Food Range is launching a new 14-litre integrated water bath, easily installed into a kitchen work surface and freeing counter top space.

PINTI INOX – cutlery and buffet presentation

-Pinti Inox is well known for their cutlery but they also develop flexible and practical buffet presentation units. Our Italian brand is launching ‘Caleido’, a table-top buffet system with various base options that can be combined with a choice of tops to make your own buffet presentation to serve food hot, cold or at ambient temperature. There is a choice of 4 colours for the base elements.

-Pinti is also launching two new 18/10 mirror-polished cutlery patterns, Stile and Excelsior.

DE BUYER – cookware, food preparation and pastry utensils

-French brand de Buyer is launching a new stainless steel cookware range, ‘Prim’Appety’, suitable to all heat sources including induction. The range includes a wide choice of shapes and sizes and features a tube handle.

-For pastry experts, de Buyer will introduce Geo form, a new all-in-one foldable pate en croute mould. It is made of stainless steel and all the parts are joined together to avoid losing elements and for ease of cleaning in the dishwasher.

MARLUX – salt and pepper mills

-We will present a wide range of Marlux salt and pepper mills made of different materials, colours and using a variety of mechanisms.

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